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Hulkberry Weed Features:

Cannabis Sativa

Hulk Berry Weed is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain with 65% sativa and 35% indica genetics.

THC Content

Hulkberry weed strain features a high THC level, averaging around 29%.


Hulkberry weed dominant terpenes include myrcene, which contributes to its herbal aroma, and limonene for a hint of citrus.

Effects of Hulkberry Weed

Hulk Berry delivers energizing effects, boosting creativity and motivation, along with euphoria and a light body calm.

Flavor Profile

Hulkberry weed flavor profile includes sharp sour lemon, spicy diesel, and pungent earth upon exhale.


Hulkberry weed aroma characteristics feature sweet and sour citrus with a pungent diesel overtone.

Hulkberry Weed May Have Medical Uses

It may be used to treat chronic fatigue, migraines, ADD/ADHD, depression, and mood swings.

Side Effects

Hulkberry weed potential side effects include dry mouth and eyes.

Grow Information

Hulkberry weed is bred by Royal Queen Seeds and is known for its vigorous growth, requiring about 9-10 weeks of flowering time.

Origins and History

Hulkberry weed is developed by Royal Queen Seeds, Hulk Berry is a genetic cross between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, aiming to combine the uplifting sativa effects with potent THC levels.

Consumption Methods

Hulkberry weed can be consumed by smoking or vaporizing, and is also suitable for making concentrates due to its high resin production.

Cannabinoid Profile

Hulkberry weed is dominated by THC with minimal CBD, making it suited for experienced users looking for intense effects.

Recreational Use

Hulkberry weed strain is favored for its powerful energizing and euphoric effects, suitable for recreational activities.

Cultural Impact

While specific cultural impacts aren’t detailed, its strong effects and unique name likely contribute to its recognition in cannabis culture.

Safety and Health Considerations

Given its high THC content, users are advised to consume cautiously to avoid overwhelming effects.

Hulkberry Weed – Sativa

Hulkberry is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (65% sativa/35% indica) created through crossing the classic Strawberry Diesel X OG Kush strains. This bud gets its name from its super heavy buds and delicious berry flavor. Hulkberry buds have rounded super oversized popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with dark olive undertones, long thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny bright white crystal trichomes. As you pull part each frosty little nugget, aromas of sweet and sour citrus are released with a pungent diesel overtone that intensifies as the nugs are burned. The flavor is very similar, with a sharp sour lemon overtone that’s accented by spicy diesel and pungent earth upon exhale. The Hulkberry high is pretty powerful in nature, with heavy effects that can easily knock you out thanks to a super potent 29% average THC level. The high comes on fast and hard with a rush of energizing effects that infuse you with creativity and motivation. As your mind lifts into pure euphoria, your body will stay settled in a light state of calm that won’t affect your energy level in the slightest. In combination with its high level of potency, these effects give Hulkberry an edge in treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, migraines or headaches, ADD or ADHD, depression, and mood swings

Hulk berry

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